What Does Crows Gathering Around Your House Mean? Mysterious And Intelligent Birds

What Does Crows Gathering Around Your House Mean

Most people have a negative perception of crows. When they hear about crows, they think of black magic and bad omen. However, these animals can also bring good omen. Crows are among the most intelligent animals. Their memory is very sharp, and they can sense even the tiniest details.

Are you wondering why crows are gathering around your house? The reason behind it ranges from natural behavior natural causes to spiritual meaning. You will know about everything involving crows gathering around your home once you finish reading this article.

What Does It Mean When Crows Crowd Around Your Home?

When crows gather around your house, it might mean that they have sensed a source of water near your home. It might also mean that there is food around your compound. Apart from the natural behavior, crows gathering around your house might also have spiritual meaning. Crows have different meanings.

Meaning Of Crows Gathering Around Your House

The meaning of crows gathering around your house covers two sectors. There is the natural behavior and the spiritual symbolism.

The Natural Behaviour

Without involving the spiritual side, crows can naturally gather around your house due to many reasons. The following reasons why crows can hang around your home.

There Is Potential Food

Crows are among the most incredible intelligent scavengers and opportunists. They can sense a source of food from a distance. Therefore, when you see crowds gathering around your house, it means that there is potential food there.

Crows get attracted to trash, food waste in composts, and pet food scraps. Therefore if you have these around your house, you can expect crows to gather.

There Is Source Of Water

Since crows are opportunistic birds, they will gather where there is a great water source.  Therefore when crows gather around your house, it means there is a source of water around you. It might be that you have a small pond or you live near a river.


Roosting is when a large number of crows gather in a single group to sleep. You may notice that before dark, a swarm of crows starts descending to your place and collect in one area. It may mean that the crows are gathering to sleep.

Crowds gather in groups to sleep for many reasons.  One of the main reasons they roost is to provide protection. When a swarm of crows is in one big group, they feel safe.  Moreover, they also roost to provide maximum warmth.

In addition, they also take the roosting opportunity to socialize and share knowledge about food sources. The number of crows that gather in roosting increases during the winter and declines as the breeding season nears.


Another meaning of the gathering of crows around your house might be they are grieving. Unlike the other birds, crowds gather to grief their dead crow. The intelligence of these birds makes them carry out grieving rituals like humans.

If a crow dies around your house, then expect a large gathering of crows there. They not only gather to mourn their dead ones. They also try to interact with them in many ways. They may also try to learn the cause of death and be more vigilant for new predators.

They also take advantage of these gatherings to share information amongst themselves.  It helps the crows to adapt to environmental changes immediately.

The Spiritual Meaning

Stepping in the spiritual side, crows have many symbolisms depending on the community. Therefore when they gather around your house, you should try to decipher its meaning. You can look at many things when trying to find the meaning behind crows gathering around your home.

You can look at the number of crows gathering your house and also if the crows are cawing. Here is what it means when cows caw around your home and what each number of them symbolizes.

Number Of Crows And Their Meanings

There are different meanings for the number of crows that gather around your house. It can either mean bad or good news. However, there is no need to panic. The bad news can act as a warning to keep you away from bad happenings in your life.

Seeing One Crow

If a crow solely gathers around your house, it might be bringing you a message. The message is from someone close to you who had recently died. One fascinating thing about crows is that they can travel in dimensions, hence talking to the dead.

Therefore, the person close to you who had recently died can use a crow to try and communicate with you. They might bring a message of the cause of their death or even warn you about something about to happen.

Seeing Two Crows

It is impossible to understand the mystery about crows. In many cases, these birds act as messengers. When two crows gather around your house, you should be happy because they bring good news.

Seeing Three Crows

If you are in a relationship seeing three crows around your house should excite you. Three crows bring a message of a ceremony. It indicates that someone in your family is about to have a big wedding.

Seeing Four Crows

Have you been working hard on what you have been doing? Seeing four crows around your house might be the answer to that. When four crows gather around your home, they bring a message of wealth and prosperity coming your way soon.

Seeing Five Crows

When you see five crows gathering around your house, they bear bad news. Seeing five crows gathering around your home means that diseases or pain are about to strike you or your family. You should therefore head to the warning and ensure you do things differently to try and avoid them.

Seeing Six Crows

Another unlucky sign you can have is seeing six crows gathering around your house. Six crows come with a message that theft is about to happen in your home. The positive side of it is that you can out the necessary measure to try and avoid theft. Six crows act as an alerting message.

Seeing Seven Crows

When you see seven crows gathering around your house, you should start preparing yourself to travel worldwide. Seven crows signify traveling. Moreover, it also comes with a message that you are about to move from your house.

Seeing Eight Crows

The gathering of eight crows around your house is not a good sign. When eight crows gather around your home, it means that sorrowful events are about to strike you. You can use this sign to your advantage and prepare yourself psychologically.

Colors Of Crows And Their Meaning

Different colors of crows gathering around your house come with different meanings. Here are some of the crows’ colors and their symbolism.

A Black Crow

Black crows and the night have one thing in common, transformation. The night shows the shift from day to night. As the night, black crows also symbolize a change in your life.

The black crow gathering around your house conveys that you need to get out of your comfort zone. Not being in your comfort zone will lead to achieving your transformation.

White Crow

The white color indeed signifies something pure and just. Seeing a white crow around your house symbolizes justice. It shows that whatever you did, whether good or bad, justice will come to you.

The white crow sends a message that what goes around comes around. If you do good deeds, you will harvest good, and if you plant evil deeds, you will harvest bad deeds.

Gray Crow

Gray crows gathering around your house signifies your shortcoming. Gray crows come to remind you of how far you have come and how far you still need to go.

Red Crow

Red crows gathering around your house show that there will be a quest for freedom that will have violence. Red crows come to tell you that you need to fight for your rights if you want justice. However, the fight for your rights or freedom does not mean you cause bloodshed.

What Does Dead Crow Around Your House Mean?

Seeing a dead crow around your house necessarily does not mean death.  It might also mean other things. When you see a dead crow, it signifies that you do not have enough courage to speak the truth. It might also symbolize an end to something in your life and a start to a new one.

What Does It Mean To See A Crow Chasing You Around Your House In Your Dreams?

When you get chased by a crow in your dream, know it is time to come clean and be honest about your wrong actions. It shows that you have been running away from the consequences resulting from your wrongdoings. The crow wants to tell you that your doings will eventually catch up to you. Hence it would be best if you came clean.


When crows gather around our house, it does not necessarily mean that it is a bad sign. The gathering of crows might bring different messages to you. Therefore you need to observe how many they are and their color to know their meaning. The swarm of crows around your house may also have a natural symbolism other than spiritual meaning.