How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeders Slinky – Everything You Need To Know

How to Keep Squirrels out of Bird Feeders Slinky

You’ll agree with me that squirrels are a significant threat to your favorite bed pets because they can make your birds starve without you knowing.

Little birds get scared and nervous from the sight of squirrels and tend to run away from their nest, and in the process, the costly birdseed you got for the birds gets eaten by hungry squirrels.

Is it possible to keep hungry squirrels away from the birdseed? Can the hungry squirrels be stopped from climbing the bird feeders?

This is why many bird lovers want to know how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders slinky. This article will take you through the many ways you can take care of your squirrel problem.

Here’s How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeders Slinky

Keep the feeders far away from trees

Do you know that squirrels can cover massive distances when they jump? If you want to keep squirrels from your bird feeder, one of the ways to do that is to tie a string in between two trees and place the feeder there.

Once a squirrel tries to get to the feeder, they’ll have a hard time doing that because of how the spring bounces.

The important part is to ensure that the trees are far apart to the extent that the squirrels can’t jump from one branch to the feeder.

Install anti-Squirrel Bird feeder pole

Another method of keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder is by getting a great bird feeder pole.

Look at it this way, if a squirrel can’t find their way to the bird feeder, the only alternative they have is to eat what’s on the ground.

When getting a pole, get one that has baffles.

Add a wire cage to the bird feeder

Wire cages are a fantastic option when you want to stop squirrels and other big birds from having access to your bird feeder.

Squirrels are so big that they won’t be able to pass through the holes in the wire cage, but for the smaller birds, they can quickly go in and out to feed.

Like I stated earlier, the wire cage can also stop big birds like starlings, grackles, and pigeons from having access to the bird feeder.

One thing you need to consider when getting a wire cage for your bird feeder is to ensure that the holes in the wire are large enough for the type of bird that you own and small enough for intruders.

Location of the feeder

You need to pay close attention to where you place your bird feeder if you want to keep squirrels away.

Your bird feeder needs to stay a minimum of 10 feet away from any trees, porches, gutters, roofs, or any other item squirrels can leverage to get to the bird feeder.

Once the location of the feeder is beyond the reach of squirrels, the only intruders you should worry about are bigger birds.

Ensure the feeder location is neat and clean

I know it’s impossible for you to get rid of all the bird seeds that fell on the ground in a timely fashion. However, this doesn’t mean the spot under the feeder should be a mess.

Do you know that once there’s spilled birdseed under the feeder, it can attract the squirrels and let them know there’s more food nearby?

Once the area around the bird feeder is clean and neat, even the bigger birds won’t come around.

Add baffles underneath your bird feeder

Baffles can help to stop squirrels from jumping and landing on the feeder. The baffle serves as a shield and protects the birdhouse from intruders like squirrels.

Besides that, baffles also help to secure bird seeds from bad weather.

Some poles have baffles pre-installed. However, you can also attach your preferred baffle to any pole that you like. Squirrels find it hard to climb poles, and the baffles make it a lot harder for them.

You can choose to add a metallic or plastic baffle above or below the bird feeder to keep intruders away.

Bear in mind that the best baffle that can stop squirrels from getting to the bird feeder needs to have a width of around 15 to 18 inches.

Most baffles twirl or tilt once a squirrel climb on them, and in the process, the squirrel will lose balance and fall off, thereby keeping the birdseed safe and secure.

Hang spinners on the feeder wire

If you’ve decided to hang your bird feeder on a wire, try to add spinners that are made of plastic bottles, thread spools, or short pipe lengths.

The purpose of using these items is so they can spin and move around on the wire, which is a great way to stop squirrels from getting to the bird feeder.

Once the squirrel gets to the spinning item on the wire, there is a considerable probability that the squirrel will fall off, and your bird feeder is safe and secure.

Buy the right kind of birdseed

Squirrels are attracted to many bird seeds, except nyjer and safflower. These two bird seeds taste awful and bitter to squirrels, so they prefer to stay away from them.

Asides from the nyjer and safflower seeds, there are other seeds that are covered in hot pepper, which the hungry squirrels hate to eat.

Squirrels are very sensitive to spicy seeds, while birds aren’t. You can add cayenne pepper among other spices in your bird seeds to chase the intruder away.

It would help if you did this regularly for maximum effect because the pepper can wash off. Ensure you put on a hand glove while applying the pepper and do not breathe in the dust.

Furthermore, the birds will happily eat the nyjer and safflower seed and those coated in hot pepper.

Put the squirrels in your plan

Another way of keeping the squirrels away from your bird feeder is to provide food for them in another location. Most people like to also provide for the squirrels, and it can be a great idea.

However, the problem is that you’ll be spending more on bird seeds.

If you want to do this right, you have to set up a small area for the squirrels to eat their meal, and it shouldn’t be in the same location where your birds feed.

What Animals Scare Squirrels?

If you want to scare squirrels away from your bird feeder and you’re considering getting an animal to scare them away, a cat or dog can get the job done for you.

Most cats or dogs like to chase squirrels. However, if yours doesn’t, there is another way out. You can get a big plastic owl and mount it around your property or any high surface like a fence post or on the roof so it can scare the squirrels away.

Bear in mind that you need to change the location of the plastic owl, so the squirrels don’t get used to it staying in a static position. They need to believe it’s real and mobile.

Will Vaseline Stop Squirrels?

Vaseline is another great option you can use in your quest to stop the hungry squirrels from getting to the bird feeders.

However, you’ll have to apply it on the pole alone to make it very slippery for the squirrels to have a firm grip and find their way to the top.

Many people have reported tremendous success with Vaseline, and they say it can last for longer periods, so you don’t have to apply it all the time.

Avoid These Unsafe Methods Of Chasing Squirrels Away

I understand that many people are not happy that squirrels are stealing their bird seeds and are willing to do anything to prevent the squirrels from laying their hands on the costly bird seeds.

However, no matter how angry or frustrated you get, you shouldn’t follow the many harmful methods of keeping squirrels from your bird feeders that are found online.

Just like other hungry big birds that come to steal your bird seeds, hungry squirrels are also searching for where to get their next meal.

I know you don’t want the squirrels to starve; all you want is for them to stop going after your bird feeders.

Here Are Some Of The Bad Advice You Should Not Follow

Say no to glues

Adding glues to the pole or areas around your bed feeder in a bid to catch the squirrel can be very cruel because the glue can rip off the fur on their body should they try to escape.

Asides from that, the squirrel could eat toxic glue while trying to clean the glue off their body.

No poison

If any article or anybody advises you to plant poison to prevent squirrels from holding your bird feeder hostage, please don’t.

Planting poison for hungry squirrels looking for what to eat can be very cruel, and also it puts those who come around the bird feeder area in hams way.

People like your pets (cats and dogs), your kids, and the many big birds that come around.

The Bottom Line

No one wants to purchase expensive bird seeds only to find out that squirrels are the ones eating all of them.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to leverage the many ways we have listed in this article on how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders slinky.