How To Keep Birds Off Fence? Everything You Need To Know

How To Keep Birds Off Fence

Many people use fences as a tool to secure their house and to ensure there are no unwanted guests on the premises.

However, what happens when birds invade your house, poop all over the place, and make your fence their favorite place to stay? All the answers you need are right here.

This article will take you through the various ways tips on how to keep birds off fence, so you don’t have to clean your compound all the time.

Here’re Some Tips You Can Leverage To Keep Birds Away From Your Fence

Bird spikes

This is one of the ways of stopping birds from staying on your fence. These bird spikes are not the type that will harm unwanted birds.

On the contrary, the spikes are designed to make the bird uncomfortable and not perch on the fence.

There are various types of bird spikes in the market for bigger birds, crows, and pigeons. So you’re spoiled with options depending on the type of bird you want to chase.

It’s easy to install a bird spike on your fence. You can either use nails, adhesive, screws, or you could tie it to the fence if you want. It’s that easy.

Another reason why most people prefer bird spikes is that it doesn’t deface your house colors. It usually blends in properly.

Bird gel

You can apply bird gel on the fence, so it becomes unfriendly to birds. Bird gels are made to be extremely sticky, so when you apply them on top and beside your fence, you’re more likely to scare the birds away.

Birds are scared of getting themselves inside sticky substances and will try and avoid such a situation if they can.

If a bird is wet or has bird gel on its body, it might rub off on its feathers, making it impossible for them to fly and end up as easy prey for predators.

Besides becoming an easy target for predators, the gel won’t harm the bird because it is non-toxic.

Once the fence is shining from gel application, the birds will have a change of heart and go perch somewhere else.

A normal bird gel tube could cover 10 feet in length and 3inches in width if you wondered how much gel you need to buy.

Ultrasonic bird repellent

Many people have leveraged bird repellents to prevent birds from perching on their fences, and you should try it too.

Ultrasonic bird repellents are designed to prevent different kind of birds from going to a particular location.

How does it work?

These ultrasonic audio devices emit sounds that mimic predators like the hawks, kite, and many others and when birds listen to it, they’ll become scared for their lives and leave the vicinity.

If your backyard is big, the ultrasonic bird repellent is the way to go if you want to keep birds off your fence.


If you plan to use a predator decoy, you should consider the Red-Tailed Hawk dummy.

This predator is one of the legendary killers that nature gave to us, and birds tremble and run to safety when it comes around.

If you place the Red-Tailed Hawk decoy in a strategic position where birds can see it, they’ll believe it’s the real deal because it usually hunts prey in the daytime.

When you purchase the decoy, ensure it looks like the real deal, is water-resistant, and can withstand heavy wind.

If the unwanted birds discover that the bird is fake, your scare tactics won’t work anymore. Decoys can only be successful only when it looks like a popular predator.

So the more natural and realistic your decoy is, the higher your chances of keeping birds off your fence. The bird decoy is very easy to install.

You can nail or glue it to your fence and let the decoy work its magic.

Get a cat

Cats are widely known to eat birds. If you don’t want birds to come and perch on your fence, get a cat, and they’ll stop coming. Give the cat the freedom of roaming all-around your property.

The fear of coming against one of their dreaded predators will push the birds far away from your property.

Remove Any Item That Attracts Birds To Your Property

Something on your property may attract these birds over in most cases, but you may not know. It would help if you found out what these birds are looking for and get rid of it/them.

You should remove whatever attracts birds to your property rather than looking for what to use to deter them from your fence.

Here are some possible items that can be attracting birds to your property unknowingly

  1. If there is a bird feeder on your property, it will surely attract many birds and other pests like squirrels to your property.

However, once the birds get to your property to dine on the bird feeder, some of them may want to perch on your fence.

  1. If you find out that birds are coming to your property in their large numbers and you don’t have a bird feeder, you could be offering them other sources of food unknowingly and this has to stop.

Does your garden have fruits that look appealing to birds? Do you keep your cat or dog’s feeder outside? Do you close your food trash can whenever you throw unused food items away?

If your answer to any of the above questions was yes, then most bird species will be looking at your house as a party ground where they can get their next meal.

To fix this situation, you need to get rid of the food sources, and concerning the fruits in your garden, cover them with a bird net to stop birds from laying their hands on them.

  1. Food particles aren’t the only thing that calls birds to your home. The search for a suitable nesting spot can push them to your property.

If you have great nesting opportunities/spaces on your property, you’ll need to prepare for unwanted guests.

Meanwhile, the worst place birds can nest while on your property is around your house and on your roof.

  1. Do you have abundant nesting materials like leaves and loose branches all over your house?  If yes, get rid of all the nesting material that the birds can work with to build their nest.

Now that you’ve seen the possible items that attract birds to your property unknowingly let’s go over the possible reasons why some people hate to see birds on their property.

Most people don’t want birds to perch on their roofs or fence. It will surprise you that most birdies aren’t happy when birds poop all over their yard or are too loud.

When most people talk about pests, they’ll fail to add birds to the mix, forgetting that birds can disturb the peace of your neighborhood likewise other animals.

Here Are Reasons Why Some People Hate To See Birds On Their Property

Bird poop

Bird poop is one of the biggest reasons why some people hate to see birds on their property.

Once these unwanted visitors come to your property, they’ll leave bird poop on your cars, window, fence, roof, patio, and many other areas.

Furthermore, these bird droppings can stain your vehicles, fence, and house siding materials.

Are you aware that bird poop can contain parasites that are harmful to you, your family, and pets like dogs and cats?

Asides from the parasites, most birds might have mites in their feathers, which is why it’s not advisable for you to pick up feathers from the floor and take them home.

Bed nests

Most people don’t like it when birds build nests on their windowsills, roof, vehicles, or gutters.

Many people pay special attention to their gutter to prevent birds from building their nests there because it can block the smooth flow of water and reverse the water to your roof.

Water can cause significant damages to roofs and repairs can be very expensive. So, no one wants to spend so much on roof repairs when they could have easily avoided the situation in the first place.

Birds and their temper

Once a bird builds nests on your property, they are bound to protect their eggs, nestlings, and territory. Therefore, they’ll attack children, adults and pests if they feel threatened in any way.

Furthermore, they can be very messy and if their nests are built around items that generate heat, it could start a fire.

Birds and their loud voice

Most people want their homes to be peaceful and quiet. However, once birds get involved, their noise level might irritate some people who want peace.

Most bird species are fond of using songs to notify their opposite sex that they’re ready to mate, which can be too loud.

Other species like the woodpecker will peck wood very loud that most people will come out and chase them away.

The Bottom Line

Keeping birds off your fence isn’t an impossible task; you can do it. If you can leverage the above practical tips on how to keep birds off fence, your problems will go away.