How To Get Rid Of Grackles? Everything You Need To Know

How To Get Rid of Grackles

It‘s not easy to keep grackles away from your bird feeders. However, you can do it successfully. If you’ve been searching for how to get rid of grackles, your search ends here.

This article will take you through the most productive tips on how to prevent grackles from coming to your property.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Grackles On Your Property

Remove food sources that are easily accessible

If you want grackles to stay off your property, then you need to ensure that you don’t have loose food particles lying around that will attract the grackles over.

A considerable majority of grackles are ground birds, indicating their willingness to search for food on the ground. They’ll only pay attention to your feeder if there’s nothing to eat on the floor.

Also, they have a variety of food options, from bird eggs to smaller invertebrates and sunflower seeds.

Furthermore, they can also eat fish and fruits if they need to, which is why they are versatile. Their versatility can be a huge burden for you because it gives them many options.

To make it easier for yourself and your little birds, ensure you clean your yard or garden regularly so you can deprive the grackles of any food source on your property.

Another tip for preventing grackles from visiting your property is for you to ensure that your trash bags or cans are secured because grackles are widely known to break into plastic bags in search of food.

If your pets have leftover food, grackles can eat them. Today, most pet foods now contain grains (lots of them), so grackles will want to eat them.

Mount grackle-proof feeders

If you have seen one or two grackles close to your bird feeder or your orchard or garden, it’s a clear sign that your birds are starving while the grackles are feeling at home on your property.

Grackles are natural-born scavengers. They are widely known to eat bird nestlings, eggs and can also hunt and eat adult birds, which is why you shouldn’t allow them into your property.

Their presence indicates that your bird feeders aren’t good enough concerning the present situation of having grackles around.

If you want to get rid of grackles easily, you’ll need to modify your already owned feeder, or you get another one that is designed to deter grackles.

For instance, you can add a cage around your feeder to enable only the smaller bird get into the feeder and feed, or you can purchase an upside-down feeder.

An upside-down feeder is another feeder design that can help you stop grackles from coming around because grackles don’t fancy staying upside down to eat.

This tip will work best if you have Titmice, Nuthatches, or Chickadees visiting your garden.

Use a dummy flying Kite

The grackle population is more active during spring. So if you have them on your property, you need to try everything humanly possible to chase them away.

If you allow them to stay, they’ll nest and lay eggs, and before you know it, you’ll have a population of killer grackle birds in your yard, garden or orchard.

One of the best methods of chasing grackles away is to place dummy kites in strategic positions where the grackles will see them and become scared for their life.

You can tie the dummy kite beside your house or on any tree around your home and the dummy will become a warning signal to grackles and other predator birds that there is a hawk here; beware.

When you purchase the dummy kite, ensure you buy a durable and good-quality product that can withstand strong winds.

Use grackle distress sound effect

Another intelligent way of scaring grackles and stopping them from migrating to your property is to install electronic grackle repellent.

The grackle distress sound effect produces two different sounds. The first sound is a grackle predator, while the other is a typical grackle distress call.

You can even combine both sounds to scare grackles away.

Once the grackles hear the distress calls, they’ll be scared to nest in your property because no bird will want to nest or roost in a place where they’re scared for their life.

Meanwhile, the beautiful thing about this solution is that it’s 100% safe.

However, the only downside is that the electronic distress call may also affect other bird species you want to attract to your feeder.

As a precaution, you should only use the specific grackle call, which is a good idea compare to the predator call that can scare other birds.

The device can work round the clock and you can choose to turn it off at night if you wish.

Install bird spikes

To stop grackles from perching on your ledge or roof, you should think of installing bird spikes.

Grackles are different from other birds and weigh more. However, they always find it hard to roost in narrow areas.

When you consider that grackles like to move as a flock composed of only males, you’ll not want them to lay their hands on your birds.

Even the local authorities and the regular homeowners are looking for how to get rid of grackles because they are notorious for making a mess in people’s properties.

Furthermore, their feces can pose a health threat to your kids, most especially toddlers.

If you install bird spikes on your windows, porch, rooftops, garage doors, or any other location on your property where grackles socialize, you’ll stand a better chance of chasing them away.

Another nice incentive for installing a bird spike is that it can last for a very long time because it’s made of stainless steel. So once you install it, you no longer have to worry about grackles.

Remove feeder perches or shorten it

If you just bought a bird feeder or already have one, you can modify it to make it uncomfortable for grackles that may want to steal what you kept there.

One of the best ways on how to get rid of grackles is to remove the feeder perches or shorten them. Small birds like the chickadees can still feed regardless of whether their feeder has a perch or not.

They’ll leverage their small legs and nails and use them to grip the feeder, but the grackles don’t have this ability.

Grackles are more giant birds that require bigger landing space to feed.

So if they can’t land properly, they won’t be able to access the seeds inside the feeder, and their next step will be to abandon the feeder and move on.

Most of the feeders that are on sale presently have removable perches. However, if yours doesn’t have, you can still do it yourself.

Gently tap the perches with a hammer, and it will fall off or use a little saw to reduce its size.

Install motion sensor activated sprinkler

If you’ve not had any success with the grackle-proof bird feeder, you can also try this different eco-friendly solution,

It’s true that most birds are not afraid of water. However, most ground ones are, especially when you use the sprinkler properly.

A motion sensor-activated sprinkler system works very well with grackles, pigeons, and other birds. Although, it has no effect on smaller birds who love to live on trees.

Another merit of exploring this method is that you’ll be watering your grass at the same time. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Here’s how it works

Once the sensor detects any kind of movement within its coverage area, the sprinkler will become active and sprinkle water all around.

This will repel various types of animals like grackles, rats, raccoons, and many others.

Since one motion sensor-activated sprinkler system can’t cover your entire property, we recommend that you get several systems and mount them in your property so the grackles won’t have a resting place.

No bird likes to get wet because it prevents them from flying, unless they can get rid of the water in their feathers. Also, if they can’t fly, they’ll become easy prey for other bigger predators.

Use an ultrasonic bird repellent

Grackles are known to be in the company of starlings and blackbirds, which is how they form a large flock that migrates from one location to another.

So if you see a vast population of grackles coming your way, know all hell is about to break loose, and you need to do something about them.

Another fantastic way of getting rid of grackles is to use ultrasonic sound repellent with a unique frequency that’s only audible to the grackle bird species.

Note that all birds don’t have the same audible frequency level.

This is why most big birds like pigeons, grackles, and blackbirds can listen to the same sound frequency.

Therefore, if you install ultrasonic bird repellent on ‘your property and customize it correctly, it won affect smaller birds.

The vast majority of ultrasonic products that are available on the market can even be customized to chase away other animals like the following;

  • Rats
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Cats
  • Rabbits

The Bottom Line

Grackles are very intimidating, dangerous and you should not allow them to settle down on your property. Leverage the many tips above on how to get rid of grackles and be safe.