How To Buy A Penguin? Great Pets But Difficult To Own

How To Buy A Penguin

The truth is that penguins are among the cutest animals in the world. Penguins have an eye-catching tuxedo-like appearance called countershading that helps them keep safe in the water. The remarkable features of penguins have made most people want to have them as their pets. However, the question is, can you buy a penguin?

How To Buy A Penguin

The chances of buying a penguin are low, especially if you are from the United States. Unlike other pets, you cannot buy them from the shop. One possible way you can buy a penguin without having legal issues is by owning a zoo. However, these are the conditions you need to satisfy to be eligible.

Penguin Protection

Many countries, especially the United States, are against the idea of buying a penguin. Therefore the countries became a part of an agreement called the Antarctic treaty that governs the use of Antarctica. On the Antarctic treaty, there is a part called Protocol on Environmental Protection. It contains rules that protect penguins.

One of the main reasons that there is a treaty protecting penguins is that they are endangered species. Many people are hunting these animals for many reasons. Penguin fat is an excellent source of fuel. Therefore people kill them to get oil. Moreover, penguins also get killed for food.

In addition, penguin habitats get destroyed by climate change and unaware humans. Due to these factors, it was necessary to draft and sign the Antarctic treaty to avoid penguins’ extinction. Therefore it becomes hard for one to purchase a penguin and make it their pet.

Challenges Of Having A Penguin As Your Pet

Apart from the significant legal issues, other factors also make it hard for someone to have a penguin as their pet. Owning a zoo might help you to ease your way past the legal issues. However, other factors will make you change the idea of owning a penguin. Some of these factors include.

If You Plan To Buy A Penguin, You Will Have To Buy More Than One

Penguins are pack animals requiring constant companionship from each other to be healthy and happy. Therefore it is hard for one penguin to thrive on its own. Thus, if you want to buy a penguin, you must buy more than one.

In an ideal situation, penguins love being in a group of about twenty penguins. However, three or four penguins can keep you going during your starting periods. You must note that penguins are monotonous. Therefore when buying a penguin, you should buy both female and male. The challenge is the cost of buying three or four penguins.

Feeding Of The Penguins

Feeding penguins is one of the most significant challenges of having a penguin. These animals have a high appetite. One penguin can consume about five hundred pounds of fish in a year. When converted to their daily consumption, it is about four to seven pounds per day. It would be best to remember that you must have more than one penguin hence increasing fish consumption.

Moreover, these animals eat more than once a day. Therefore, they will need most of your attention for their feeding times. Buying a penguin means taking it away from its natural habitat.

As a result, they will lose some nutrients due to sun and water exposure. Therefore, you must add vitamins and supplements to your diet to make up for the lost nutrients. You will find that the cost you will incur on only feeding them will burden you.

Shelter Arrangements

When buying penguins, you should consider the special living arrangement depending on the number of penguins you plan to buy. Penguins love eating, moving, and doing everything in groups. Therefore you will require considerable ample space to occupy them. The living conditions of penguins include cold water, pools of clean water, and temperature control.

Regardless of how many penguins you buy, you will need a large saltwater pool for their enclosure. These animals love to swim and play in the water. Therefore, they will need ample space for the penguin to do all their shebang. You will need a pool of the size of an Olympic pool and fill it with cold salt water.

You cannot maintain the pool on your own due to its large size. Since penguins regularly poop in the water, you will need an industrial cleaning system to help you clean.  The maintenance of the pool will be expensive for you to bear.

For you to keep the penguins happy and for them to thrive, they need a temperature of thirty to forty degrees Fahrenheit. Achieving this kind of temperature, especially in southern states, is near to impossible. Theretofore you will have to buy cooling devices which will amount to monthly astronomical bills. Providing a conducive environment for penguins to be happy and healthy is expensive and tedious.

Medical Expenses

Unlike other birds, penguins require unique treatments since they are exotic. Therefore you cannot treat a penguin if you are not a professional. You will need a veterinarian to examine and treat any medical issue of the penguin. The price of examining and treating penguins is more than that of other birds.

When your penguin falls sick, you will have to transport it to the veterinarian for examination and treatments. The transportation fee is an added cost to your penguin medical expenses. Moreover, you might also need specialized vitamins or medicines to increase the cost of keeping a penguin.

The Cost Of Permits

Out of the 18 penguin species, 11 of them are in danger of becoming extinct. Countries have become a part of an agreement called the Arctic treaty to prevent the extinction of these species. It makes it illegal for anyone to buy a penguin and making it their pet.

Therefore, one needs a permit to be able to own a penguin. Obtaining a permit is a long and tedious process. Moreover, the cost of acquiring a permit is very high, depending on your local authorities. 

Penguins Are Not The Cleanest Animals And Most Affectionate

If you want to buy a penguin, you must prepare yourself for a lot of cleaning. These animals have a voracious appetite. Due to eating a lot, they also defecate a lot. Therefore you will have to do a lot of cleaning to ensure where they are always clean.

If you think penguins are the best choice for your petting zoo, think again. Most people wonder how such an astonishing animal can have any flaws. In reality, they do have some drawbacks. Penguins are one of the most challenging animals to domesticate.

Penguins have no affection towards members of other species. Therefore children cannot come to your zoo and take photos with the penguins. At the sight of humans, they will hide in their enclosure until the view is clear. They can also make disturbing noises in unison to chase away the humans. Therefore it makes it purchasing a penguin not worth it.

Adopting Penguins

Since it is hard for you to buy a penguin and make it your pet, there is another alternative. If you cannot purchase, you can adopt. You can sponsor a penguin through a wildlife preservation organization. If you are not a zoo owner, adopting is the closest you can get to have a penguin as your pet.

Adopting the penguin does not mean that you will get to take the penguin home with you. Instead, you will affect its life and help in its preservation.

What Adoption Entails For The Penguin

The help you provide to the penguin when you adopt it varies depending on the organization you select. You can give support to the penguin in captivity. You can also help in financing the cleaning of oil spills that pose a danger to them.

You can also involve yourself in several projects that aim at preserving penguins’ habitats. You may also get to care for the injured penguins or the abandoned ones. Moreover, you can partner with an organization to try and educate people in your community about penguins. It works more effectively if you have a significant influence in your community.

What Are Some Of The Organizations That Help In Adopting Penguins?

By now, you should have come to terms with the fact that you cannot buy and own a penguin. However, you can adopt one. Organizations that will help you adopt a penguin include World Animal Foundation, Word Wildlife Fund, and Oceana. You can always do something to help in penguins’ preservation.

How Much Does A Penguin Cost?

If you are a zoo owner, then you have a slight chance of buying a penguin. The cost of buying one penguin is around $1000 to $22000. Moreover, there are extra costs you will incur in feeding them, medical expenses, and shelter arrangements.


Buying a penguin is next to impossible and illegal in most countries, especially in the United States. However, you can have a little leverage if you own a zoo. However, you will still have to go through a long process of acquiring a permit.  To avoid going through all those troubles, you adopt them and help preserve them instead of buying them.