Do Geese Bite? The Geese Attack

Do Geese Bite

Geese are among the brave birds that do not fear humans. Unlike other birds, geese will not run when they sense danger from humans. They will attack when humans get in their space. These creatures can be very aggressive when you invade their territory. They defend their territory by going after the trespasser.

They are even more hostile during the breeding season. The female goose will do everything to protect the young ones while the male protects the female goose. Most people wonder how geese attack people and defend themselves. Do geese bite?

Do Geese Bite?

If you thought that geese didn’t have teeth to bite you, then think again. Yes, the geese bite. Their bite is not as dangerous as compared to other animals, but they can still cause damage. Their bite might even infect you, so ensure you seek medical attention if you get bitten.

What Geese Use To Bite Its Predators

Geese do not have natural teeth like humans; instead, they have hard spiky cartilage called tomium. Their teeth are more complicated. The growth of tomium is made from the geese’s beaks, and it functions like row teeth.

The main difference between tomium and natural teeth is that tomium does not have enamel. It would be best not to assume that because geese teeth are cartilage, they are not sharp. Tomium is not soft and pulpy. Geese use them to rip through vegetation and their prey. Do not underestimate geese teeth as they can quickly draw blood after a bite.

Moreover, geese also have teeth-like structures on their tongues. The view of the geese beak’s interior may be scary to some people. Those teeth-like structures are also examples of tomium. The reason they have these structures on their tongue is to help in ripping vegetation from the ground.

Their serrated tongue also helps them to hold onto small prey. There are very few chances that the prey will escape from the geese beak when they catch prey. Despite the tomium not being as sharp as natural teeth, they can still cause damage.

Other Ways That A Goose Might Use To Attack You

A common way that a goose might attack you is by biting. Attack bites are more painful than the other bites. Apart from biting their predators, they also flap their wings aggressively at their opponents.

Geese have pretty strong wings. Therefore, when they aggressively flap them, they come with a tremendous amount of force. Reports suggest that when a geese wing strikes you, it is like been hit by a ten to fifteen punching bag. Therefore ensure you stay far from an angry goose.

The Reasons Why Geese Are Very Aggressive

Geese are one of the angriest birds you can find. When they are angry, they hiss to send you a warning of an attack. If you fail to heed their warning, it will attack you and bite you. Here are some of the reasons why geese are so aggressive.

There Are Very Protective

Make genders treasure their family, and they will do anything to protect them. They are even more protective during the breeding time. They will guard their female and the nests during egg incubation with everything they have.

They will not entertain anyone who tries to get close to their nest. Unlike other birds, geese are not afraid to launch an attack, even on humans. When you get close to their territory, they will start hissing at you to warn you. They will continue protecting the nest until the eggs hatch.

They Don’t Want To Share Anything With Anyone

When a goose notices a place with surplus water, food, and low risk of predators, it will settle there. It does not matter if you want it there or not. Once it has marked its territory, it will make it clear to you that you should not overstep into their place.

Once you get close o their territory, they will get aggressive and even attack you as they will take you as an intruder.  You will even find a goose hissing to another during feeding to signal that it doesn’t want to share its food.

They Get Used To Humans A Lot

Geese are birds that mostly live with humans. Therefore they spend most of their time with humans. As a result, they start losing the fear they had for humans. You cannot get aggressive to someone that you fear. Therefore the geese started becoming aggressive to humans and even attacking them due to a lack of fear.

How To Know That A Goose Is About To Attack You

Apart from hissing, there are signs that geese make to suggest that they are about to attack. Therefore, you should be keen to notice them and try to avoid an attack from the goose. These are the signs to look at to know that a goose is about to attack you.

Head-On Goose Stare

When a goose feels like you are trying to invade its territory, it will start staring at you. There is no need to worry when geese flick their eyes in your direction when you are passing by. However, if its yes remains fixated on you, then you are in trouble.

When a goose directly stares at you, it means that it has seen you as a threat. Therefore it is planning to launch an attack. In such a situation, you should ensure that you remain calm and avoid running away or trying to scare it.

Stretching Of Their Necks

A lowered, overstretched gooseneck is not a good sign. The goose might not want to attack at that moment, but indeed, things are escalating fast. It is a back-off warning that you need to head to it. The stretching of their neck is most likely followed by hissing.

Pumping Of Their Heads Up And Down

When you see this sign, you should start taking the situation seriously. Geese pump their heads vertically like the last sign that they want to attack. When they do this, the next thing will be launching an attack.

Tips For Avoiding A Goose Attack

Once the goose shows the above signs, you should know that they are about to attack you. Therefore you should know the tips to try and prevent an attack. Sometimes goose attack might be terrifying, and even you can get hurt in the process. Therefore you should know how to avoid such attacks.

Do Not Panic

Once you notice the signs of a goose attack, you should first remain calm. You should ensure that you do not panic. When the goose senses any sign of fear, stress, or anger, it will trigger them to launch an attack.

Walk Backward

It is humans’ instinct that when they sense danger, they activate their flight mode. However, when a goose wants to attack you, you should deactivate that mode. You should never show a goose your back as it will start attacking you.

It would be best if you did not rush a retreat. Ensure that you remain calm and move backward slowly. Be careful not to trip over anything to avoid startling the goose.

Avoid Behaving Aggressively

It would help if you did not show the goose any aggression. Avoid shouting at it or waving your arms at all costs. When a goose sees a larger predator moving and making a lot of noise, it will get even more defensive. Therefore it will most likely attack you.

Do Not Feed The Goose

Unlike other birds, you do not become friends when you feed a goose. Geese can get aggressive and even attack the one feeding them. When you feed them, they get more used to you and become even braver. Therefore they do not fear attacking you.

You should avoid encouraging them by not feeding them. You should put the geese food in a bowl and give them to feed themselves. 

What Should You In A Goose Attack?

If your attempt to avoid a goose attack fails, then you will need to protect yourself. You should ensure that you remain calm and stay on your feet. It would be best if you also covered your face and your neck. When a goose starts chasing you, move at a 90-degree angle to avoid the worst of their attacks.

How Can You Scare Away Geese?

Geese use their eyes for hunting. Therefore putting moving objects on your land might scare them away. You can use things like flags or eyespot balloons. They will be afraid of coming close to your land since they will perceive the area as a dangerous place.

Are Geese Bites Painful?

Despite using tomium to bite rather than natural teeth, it can still be painful. These tomia are sharp enough even to draw blood when they bite you.  It can even leave bruises on your skin. Therefore do not underestimate goose bite and go causing trouble in their territory.


If you did not know that geese have teeth-like structures called tomium that can bite, now you know. Therefore you should ensure that you are attentive to notice any signs that a goose is about to attack you. You should also avoid being on the wrong side of these birds, as they will most likely launch an attack. However, if a goose still attacks you, ensure you protect yourself.